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Here at Communication World we now offer a Premium Business Loyalty Program. These allows us to provide business account holders with a premium service and supply of ensuring their devices are always running.

By opening a Business account with us your company and employees will receive access to a wide range of premium products and repairs for their devices at a business account holder discount. The benefits of being a account holder are listed below:

Business Account Holder Benefits
Accessories For Your Business

Whether it’s on a large corporate scale or a small business we know the purchase of accessories for devices and have a impact on operating cost.

So here at Communication World we provide you with honest advice and use our expertise to supply products that suit your business and price range. We understand the importance accessories and we supply everything mobile phone related from cases, heavy duty cases, waterproof cases, hands free kits, glass screen protectors, bluetooth devices, cables, chargers and many more.


We understand that mobile phones, iPads, tablets and laptops are fundamental to any business in todays day and age and we also know that when a device is down this can be detrimental to a business and the ability of a employee to effectively complete their work. That’s why we aim to get your devices repaired in a timely manner to ensure they are never down and always operating. Backed by our one year warranty and using quality products and coupled with our years of experience in the field, you can put your mind at ease and rely on use to get you going again.

Mobile Phones and Plans

By being a Telechoice Authorised Dealer we have access to the Telstra Network meaning we can provide mobile phones or plans only on Australia’s most trusted network. Our deals are very competitive and we do all the hard work of setting it up for you, just come in and we get you going.

Employee Benefits

By being part of the business loyalty program, all the benefits you gain are also passed onto you employees. Just notify us of your business that is participating in our program and all these benefits, awards and discount will be passed onto.

Please note that these benefits only extend to your employees and not the general public.

Business Account Registration Form

Please fill out the form below to apply for a Communication World Business Account

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